Best Scandinavian architecture in Helsinki

One of the top destination in Helsinki has to be the newly built public library Oodi. Located just a short walk from the central station the library offers an impressive view of Scandinavian architecture at its best. The library is open for everyone and offers a lot of activities including a video game room, 3D printer and of course books. On the top floor of the building a big hall opens up and you get a feeling of being in a park, inside. The mix of people hanging out in the library shows how successful the library is. A must see in Helsinki!

If you feel like embracing the finish culture there is another hot spot a bit outside town. Löyly sauna offers the finish trademark of having a sauna in a beautiful building by the water. The place is there to enjoy all year around, stormy winter days as much as sunny summer days. Extra plus for being able to book a spot in the sauna in advance.

Anyone heard of Ittala and Arabia? The finish design companies with beautiful designs. Or maybe the character Moomin from Mumindalen. The Ittala and Arabia design center offers a great design experience showing more then a decade of Scandinavian design. The design center is a must see in Helsinki for everyone!

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